YSU Students’ Expectations for Trump

By Morgan Petronelli

Chelsea Ellington is a senior majoring in English.

“He’s proved to be kind of a wild card this whole election season, so I’m not sure what to expect,” Ellington said. “I think he and republicans in general should probably just stay out of women’s reproductive things and not try to defund Planned Parenthood or anything like that.”


Chelsea Ellington









Caleb Self is a freshman majoring in anthropology.

“I have no expectations — I don’t know what the hell he’s going to do. He just kind of went, ‘Oh I’m president, what now?’” Self said. “What can he do? Uh, resign.”

Caleb Self










Megan Mraz is a freshman majoring in criminology.

“I think he has a lot of ideas on what he’s going to change, and specifically a lot of talk has been around Obamacare changing, and despite that the fact that it will be bad at first to repeal it, I think that his new health care plan will eventually benefit me,” Mraz said. “I believe that, despite doubts around him, he will be successful due to people in his cabinet providing experience and help for him.”

Megan Mraz

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  1. Regarding health care, President Trump may be breathing the same deoxygenated air as, well, most everyone. His Health and Human Services pick is a water carrier for the American Medical Association, and his anti-Obamacare executive order is standard-issue pander politics.

    Most important, he’s receiving persuasive advice from Republican leaders to leave the well-intended Obamacare untouched for fear Republicans will be held politically responsible for its deleterious consequences in 2018. The upshot? Those who bought Obamacare will be crushed without political recourse between completely predictable super-escalating, unaffordable premiums and physicians’ denial of health care to cash patients. The winner? Big Medicine’s Iron Pyramid. Losers? Pretty much most everyone.

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