YSU Campus Rec Encourages Students to Be Healthy for New Year

By Cameron Godwin

As the new year begins, many people ask themselves what they can do to improve their lives. Thus, new year’s resolutions are made.

A resolution for a lot of people includes staying healthy, active and fit. Going to a gym to work out, playing basketball with friends or doing yoga with colleagues are all considered to lose a little weight.

Sierra Kish, a freshman at Youngstown State University, said people choose to be healthy in the new year because it is a fresh start.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one third, or 36.5 percent, of United States adults are obese and 32.3 percent of young adults age 20-39 are considered overweight.

“It is hard for college students because we are surrounded by fast food, and most college students do not come home to a homemade cooked meal,” Kish said.

Adventure Recreation Coordinator R.J. Markowitz said students have a lot going on and health may not be the highest priority.

“Little do they know that keeping healthy habits will actually assist in social, emotional and physical health,” said Markowitz. “Making time to live healthy will pay dividends in all aspects of their lives.”

Markowitz said there are a lot of ways for students to stay healthy on campus and students should utilize all services the rec offers, including the rock wall.

“People do not realize that climbing our wall can be added to your workout for both strength and cardio,” he said. “Our staff is willing and able to show you how.”

He also said students should explore parks within walking distance of YSU. Students are able to participate in activities such as walking, hiking and playing tennis at Mill Creek Park or Wick Park.

Additionally, he said the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center has workout equipment, a basketball court and a track course for runners.

Campus Recreation Director Joy Polkabla Byers said the team tries to develop programs that fit students at YSU, including career and financial wellness.

She said students have access to healthy food options on campus such as salads, lettuce wraps and grilled chicken.

Lauren Hamilton, a student supervisor at the Campus Rec, said the rec offers classes such as yoga, sports conditioning and Zumba.

The rec center is located on the YSU campus next to DeBartolo Hall and in walking distance from Kilcawley Center and Stambaugh Stadium. Membership is free for all students.

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