TEDxYoungstown in the spotlight

By Natalie Lasky

Youngstown State University is gearing up for the Technology Education Design x Youngstown event, which starts at 10 a.m. and will take place all day March 10 in Cliffe College of Creative Arts’ Spotlight Arena Theater.

TEDxYoungstown will bring in a variety of speakers to hold presentations and speeches to educate the audience. 

 According to the TEDxYoungstown website, the theme of this year’s TEDxYoungstown event is “Life Happens.” 

Greg Smith, a TEDxYoungstown license holder and communications professor, said TEDxYoungstown wants everyone attending to express what they believe with passion. 

“We like [the location] because everybody feels like everybody [is] on top, and then they’re really able to express themselves and their passions and what they believe in,” Smith said. “You have to actually have some evidence and some track time on what you’re saying or what you’re giving to the universe.”

Jaietta Jackson, TEDxYoungstown event organizer and communications lecturer, said information about each speaker will be on TEDxYoungstown’s social media pages.

“I can’t reveal the keynote speakers. They are slowly but surely being released on our social media, Facebook and Instagram, and we do a kind of like teaser, where we have a shadow of their faces and some of their information,” Jackson said.

The speakers announced so far include Adiel Gorel, Chris Kent, Christina Matteucci, Jason Flakes, Dr. Corinne Devin, Dr. Karen Federici, Judge Molly K. Johnson and Olive Persimmon, with more announced each week leading up to the event.

Each speaker is assigned a TEDx coach to work with them to ensure they are ready for their presentation in the Spotlight Theatre.

Adam Earnheardt, a TEDxYoungstown co-license holder and former keynote speaker, said the preparation of giving a talk is grueling but refreshing. 

“You know, it was a little weird to be coached by somebody, especially because I’ve been teaching speech now for 20-some years … It’s tough to hear that sometimes but it was actually in some ways — it was kind of refreshing,” Earnheardt said. 

The 2024 speaker positions will be open for applications during the summer of 2023. Applications to become future speakers are located on the TEDx website and must deliver a video on the topic within one minute. 

Tickets for the event are on sale and can be purchased on Eventbrite website. For the keynote speaker teasers, go to the TEDx Youngstown website, Instagram and Facebook profiles.