A Night with Edgar Allan Poe

By Emily Isaac
Jambar Contributor

People of all ages attended a night dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe at Youngstown State University’s Maag Library to witness readings of Poe’s works, including “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

The event was organized and hosted by Colleen Duchon, a librarian at Maag. She said she’s always liked Poe and molding Halloween literature and the library together seemed like the perfect event opportunity.

“The Tell-Tale Heart,” performed by Rhonda Baughman, was both chilling and moving from beginning to end. It was Baughman’s love of Youngstown, Edgar Allan Poe and the Maag Library, that inspired her to read for Poe Night.

Baughman, an English, business communications and literature teacher, also has a passion for Poe and writing. In her spare time, she works on her own book series called “Medium Chill,” an alternative fiction series of both new and veteran writers.

“The Raven,” was read by McKayla Rockwell, a senior English major at YSU. Rochwell as a writer, student and Poe fan said she feels a need to be involved in the literary world and the community, which is what inspired her to read “The Raven.”

She enjoys writing poetry, fantasy, young adult, children’s lit, steampunk, romance and horror. Rockwell is currently working on her first Victorian steampunk novel, which is about a young woman who is told by everyone that she can’t follow her dreams because of one reason or another and she prevails.

Duchon and Maag Library are currently trying to schedule more events throughout the term in an attempt to get more students in the door and encourage them to visit the library more often.

“At this point, students don’t always need to come to a library anymore to find information,” said Duchon.

Duchon said she is hoping to start a marketing and events committee in the library, which would enable them to plan more events for students in advance and allow them to get more budgeting and marketing done.

“Students should contact us if they have any ideas — there is no such thing as a bad idea,” Duchon said.

The library has more to offer than being a good spot to study, according to Duchon. Maag Library has many services and databases to assist students with research.

The reading was also broadcasted on Rookery Radio for anyone who missed a night with Edgar Allan Poe.

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