Improving Men’s Health at YSU

By Frances Clause

Men’s Health Week at Youngstown State University is devoted to enriching men’s wellness with a range of programs and activities from Nov. 12 through Nov. 15.

With the help of the YSU Campus Recreation Center, students learn the skills needed to increase health and safety in their lives throughout the week.

Mason Taylor, a senior music education major, said Men’s Health Week is important to him and many other men who have decided to make big changes in their lives to improve their overall wellness.

“Leading a life with better health is all about setting realistic goals and standards for yourself,” he said. “People also need to know when to take breaks and not push themselves too hard. Results don’t happen right away.”

Taylor said since he has started exercising three times a week, he noticed he is able to focus more on tasks in college.

“It might not sound like three days is a lot, but I definitely notice a difference when I don’t get that exercise in,” he said. “I’m able concentrate more, and my mental health overall feels better.”

Two of the events Taylor finds important throughout Men’s Health Week are “Don’t Fear the Beard” and “Let’s Get Knotty,” where students can receive tips on maintaining their facial hair and tying a tie and get free samples of grooming tools at the recreation center.

“I feel like everyone should know how to tie a tie, even if it’s a simple forehand knot because having this skill leads to more independence and confidence,” he said. “Looking presentable and feeling good about yourself is just as important as physical health.”

Another event during Men’s Health Week is international sports night, where students can learn popular sports from around the world. The event is co-sponsored with students from the International Programs Office.

Jim Galioto, a senior computer information systems major, said adding this cultural flavor to the week is not only beneficial to students’ health, but will create a stronger connection between domestic and international students.

“It’s important to know that even though there are differences between international and domestic students, there is also still a lot we have in common,” he said. “Finding a common ground is essential to bridging any divides, and sports are just one of the more culturally universal similarities that can accomplish this.”

A bowling tournament at West Side Bowl and a 3v3 basketball tournament that raises awareness for THP Project Purple Initiative are also among the events students can attend throughout the week.

Joe Conroy, coordinator of intramural sports, said the basketball tournament is a double elimination tournament where participants will receive a THP Project Purple Initiative T-shirt and winners will receive hoodies.

THP Project Purple Initiative educates students about the dangers of substance use, assists students with making positive life choices for their health and happiness and empowers them to stand up for those choices.

“This event has ties to Chris Herren who started [THP] Project Purple [Initiative],” Conroy said. “Through this tournament, the goal is to bring awareness of alternatives to a fun, healthy lifestyle.”

For more information on Men’s Health Week and its events, visit the YSU Recreation Center’s website.

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