Downtown Youngstown Nightlife

By Taylor Dressel

Open mic nights and karaoke are becoming more and more popular. These events are becoming popular at local bars, and they can be found right here in downtown Youngstown.

Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts is a bar downtown, and they are one of the bars who hold karaoke and open mic nights. However, theirs has an interesting and unique twist.

“On Thursdays we have jam sessions. They aren’t your traditional open mic night, but local musicians come and play together. It is a lot of fun,” Steven Whitfield, the general manager of Suzie’s, said.

However, they do have your classic karaoke night as well.

“We do karaoke on Wednesdays, and we usually have some sort of live music on one of the weekend days,” Whitfield said.

Suzie’s offers a student discount. If a student brings and shows their student ID, students can get 10 percent off food purchases. Check out Suzie’s Facebook page for more information.

Suzie’s isn’t the only bar downtown with all the events. O’Donald’s Irish Pub and Grill is also a bar where these types of nights can be found. Their karaoke night is Thursday.

“I start to play music at 10 and have enough singers to start around 10:30. We end at 2 a.m. and occasionally run over. Thursday nights are one of the busiest nights at O’Donald’s. The bar is almost always full to the brim,” Steve Grove, who runs open mic night at O’Donald’s, said.

“I usually get about 55 to 60 requests to sing every night. So there is usually a total of 35-40 singers total per night,” Grove said.

You don’t have to be a professional singer to participate.

“I think it is for everyone. You’ll have your semi-serious singers, and then the people who are just out there to be silly and have a good time,” Grove said.

O’Donald’s also has a student discount. Students can get 10 percent off their bill if they show their student ID. For more information, visit O’Donald’s Facebook page.

Cedar’s bar has an open mic night as well. On every other Tuesday, there is an open mic night. Not only can students sing and play music, students can also come and read poetry at the open mic nights. To find out more information, visit Cedar’s Facebook page.

“There is usually always something going on. We try to keep downtown entertained.” Whitfield said.

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  1. Since when is the west side of Youngstown considered downtown? Cedars is almost as far as you can get from downtown without actually leaving the city limits.

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