2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Visits Lordstown

Photo by Tanner Mondok/The Jambar

By Rachel Gobep

Chants of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,” could be heard at Lordstown High School on Sunday afternoon as the hopeful 2020 presidential candidate, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, entered the school’s auditorium.

The American Federation of Teachers hosted a panel that featured Sanders as a guest panelist to discuss the upcoming election and how Lordstown can come back after the closure of the General Motors Co. plant, joining AFT President Randi Weingarten.

The event came after a report titled, “Hedge Papers No. 66, Hedge Funds Attack General Motors and American Jobs,” was developed in partnership with AFT.

During the town hall event, Sanders discussed both local and national issues such as education, school funding, local job loss and economic inequality.

He said it was an important meeting to discuss the “horrific impact” of what is happening to the community by the closure of GM, and he praised AFT for showing that there is a connection between the children in the community and how the closure has impacted them.

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  1. I vote Libertarian, but I like the Bern. True believer, low bee-ess index.
    Medicare for All restores America to a place where getting health care for sick people is a good thing.
    Opponents of MfA are deeply misguided, because they’ve never examined the group health insurance they defend. I have, and group health is serious, brain-frying mojo, both radical and radicalizing.
    We’ll get MfA anyway by debate-free political brute force, because group health and its political sequelae are . . . toxic mathematics. There’ll be some serious shakin’ going to happen.

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