YSU’s Office of Career & Academic Advising: Helping Students Develop Their Future

By Madison Nalbach
Jambar Contributer 

The Youngstown State University Office of Career & Academic Advising ensures students are on the right path both academically and professionally.

The office advises YSU students, helps them to create resumes and conducts mock interviews, according to Justin Edwards, the director of the office.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of these resources. 

“Being able to use this office while you’re still a student at Youngstown State University should help your job search, help expedite your ability to really have a successful job search and find yourself in a position that you’re engaged with and excited about,” Edwards said.

The office advises students that are exploratory undecided majors, which ensures the courses students are taking can be transferable to any major.

There are about 310 exploratory undecided majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, according to Crystal Bannon, senior career and academic adviser.

“I get the opportunity to work with them during their first and second year of college to help them find a home in one of the other academic colleges,” Bannon said.

The advisers guide exploratory undecided students to help make the most of their classes and  their time as an undecided major.

Bannon said ideally these students get the opportunity to try general education courses that may help them find what they’re passionate about so they don’t waste time or money.

“You’re giving yourself the opportunity to explore and do some research on majors and career fields, and you’re trying our classes that count for the general education model anyways that you need to progress towards a degree,” Bannon said.

Dara Daniel, a sophomore marketing major, said the career and academic advising office ensures students aren’t wasting their tuition money.

“They really know how to help [students] take classes that can be transferred to any major and classes that will benefit [them],” she said. 

This semester, the office launched a new service: career service drop-in hours. 

Students can have an adviser help them prepare a resume, learn interview skills and answer questions Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Jones Hall room 2002.