YSU’s COVID-19 Numbers Continue to Rise

By Abigail Cloutier

COVID-19 cases at Youngstown State University continue to rise. Monday, the university reported 19 positive tests. Like the previous week, there are 15 students with the coronavirus, but employee cases jumped this week. Four employees of the university tested positive for the virus. This is a relatively significant increase from previous weeks, when the university reported very few, if any,  cases. The university classifies employees as faculty, administration, janitorial and service workers on the dashboard. Currently, there is no distinction between faculty who test positive and other university employees.

The majority of student cases this week come from students who live off-campus or in undergraduate apartments, such as University Courtyards, University Edge, the Enclave, the Lofts and Buechner Hall, located just across from the Kilcawley residence house. Two cases are students who live in residence halls such as Kilcawley, Cafaro and Lyden houses. There have been 57 coronavirus cases at YSU since the first week of October.