YSU Welcomes New Penguin Police Officers

By Courtney Hibler

“Being a police officer means being there at the most vulnerable moments and offering a helping hand for people,” Officer Deanna Jordan said. “We make a difference, know things most people do not and help shape the brotherhood that we, as police officers, have.”

Jordan, along with Rendin Fellows and Robert Cranmer, were sworn in as Youngstown State University police officers during a ceremony on March 1. The trio were welcomed to the university in the ceremony put together by the YSU Division of University Relations.

Prior to being hired as a full-time officer, Jordan was an officer at the Lowellville Police Department for three years and worked as an intermittent officer for YSU in 2016. She was also an officer for New Middletown Police Department from May to August 2017 and has been serving in the Ohio Army National Guard for over five years.

Jordan said her main goal as a YSU police officer is to continue keeping YSU the safest campus in the state. She doesn’t have any long term goals set with the department, but would like to eventually make a difference in some way.

In her opinion, the brotherhood helps in bringing great pride and joy into doing the job.

“Being able to make a difference in someone’s life or allowing a turning point is something you will always cherish,” she said.

Fellows was a part-time police officer in Beaver Township, Ohio, for four years and looks forward to creating a safe environment for students on campus.

“I was a student here and attended the YSU Police Academy,” he said. “I know what it’s like to want to feel safe and when I attended the academy, I knew right away I wanted to become a police officer for YSU.”

Top photo by Tanner Mondok/The Jambar, bottom photo courtesy of YSU Police

He said he looks forward to a long career, protecting the community and meeting new people each day as a YSU police officer.

Cranmer’s prior law enforcement experience includes eight years as a part-time officer with Coitsville Township Police Department in Lowellville and a full-time officer at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

“While working for ODRC, I served on many specialized teams such as crisis response, special response and honor guard,” he said.

In his opinion, being a police officer means having the opportunity to provide hope and bring positive change to those they interact with daily.

“I was very lucky to grow up with all my heroes as cops,” he said. “My grandfather and three uncles were police officers, and they taught me about life with things they had seen or been involved in.”

Cranmer said becoming a police officer was his calling, and he couldn’t ignore it because he wanted to be in a position that helped those who are less fortunate.

“This world needs more positivity and as an officer I have that chance,” he said. “YSU is the best place for me to show it.”

He is looking forward to protecting the campus community and said the department’s success is paramount for the success of surrounding communities.

The campus community, as well as the family of each officer attended the swearing-in ceremony.