YSU Upperclassmen Offer Freshman Advice

By Alyssa Weston

Jambar Contributor

At Youngstown State University, many upperclassmen prepare for graduation in the spring semester and as the chapter closes for these students, upperclassmen recall their freshman year and offer advice to first year students.

Katelyn Desko, a senior communication major on the persuasion track, recommended that freshman students take 15 credit hours a semester and summer classes to graduate on a four-year track.

Gavin Nicol, a junior marketing major, said he wished he knew how easy it was to get a minor.

“I thought that getting a minor was a lot more extensive and required way more work, but turns out, it doesn’t really take too much extra time or money,” Nicol said.

Abby Mowery, a senior early childhood education and early childhood intervention specialist major, said she wished she knew how to have a balanced schedule.

“Get a head start on those more challenging courses and don’t wait to take them all at the end, because it’ll be so stressful and overwhelming,” she said.

Mowery said there is significance in having a balanced schedule to not lose motivation and there is importance in meeting with an academic advisor every semester to stay on track.

Maura Bianco, a senior chemical engineering major, said getting involved in on-campus activities was easier than she anticipated in her first year.

“When I was a freshman, I didn’t really try to get involved in a lot of things. I didn’t really know what was here and there’s so many different clubs that I didn’t even know I would be interested in,” Bianco said.

Mackenzie Scrocco, a junior mechanical engineering major, said freshmen should live on campus.

“I would say that living on campus is a really good idea for first-year students because you get to make friendships that you never would’ve made otherwise, and if you have free time it is really easy to spend time with people in your major or year,” Scrocco said.

Deborah Cunningham, a part-time instructor in women and gender studies, shared her advice to first-year students.

“Truly engage in and enjoy all of the classes that you take regardless of whether you think they are for your major or not. One of the best opportunities that you have in college is the opportunity to open your mind and be exposed to different views,” Cunningham said.