YSU Students Working Hard for the Money

By Brent Bigelow

Jambar Contributor

On the Youngstown State campus, there are many different places for students to work between classes. The real question is, should students work between classes or should they be studying instead?

John Sidabo, an economics major, works in the Maag Library computer lab. He said working between classes is a good thing.

“If you can balance work with studies, I think you’re good. You’re not going to spend all your time studying. You need to put some money in your pocket,” Sidabo said.

Alexis Marucci, who works at Stone Fruit Coffee Co., she said she loves the convenience.

“I can come and go, it just works for me,” said Marucci.

Marucci works about six hours a week at Stone Fruit Coffee Co. and is asking for more.

Amanda Irwin, marketing major, works at Pete’s Treats. She said Pete’s Treats has a set schedule for the whole semester so she knows she is working between her classes. She also said since she works during the day, she has her evenings off which is relaxing.

Daniel Cipriano, early childhood education major, doesn’t work on campus.

“It’s a great idea [working on campus]. They work around your schedule, might as well make some money while you’re here,” said Cipriano.

Kenny Reyes, a YSU faculty member, manages all the student employees that work in the multimedia center. Reyes trains the students who work in the multimedia center so they can teach other students and faculty members how to work the software on the computers.

“They’re gaining real life experience because this a real job. It’s not like you show up and it’s a college work studies, but this is a real job,” said Reyes.