YSU Students Adventure to Italy

By Najah Morgan
Jambar Contributor

Fourteen Youngstown State University students went on a summer adventure to Italy through the Williamson College of Business Administration, which combined learning and fun.

Ying Wang, assistant professor of marketing, said this was the first trip to Italy for the WCBA, and such excursions benefit students by providing different learning formats.

“Students just sitting in a classroom is secondhand learning, but when you visit a new country its firsthand learning,” Wang said.

“High-impact learning can really have a profound effect on students, especially in terms of changing their ways of thinking and perspectives,” Wang added. “We have several courses a student must take before they can qualify for this program.”

Wang recommends that interested students prepare for the trip by taking the following courses: Marketing Concepts and Practices, Business Finance and Fundamentals of Management.

Anthony Nakley, senior finance major, said having a global learning experience allows students to experience different cultures outside of the classroom, and it is completely different engaging with other business cultures in person.

The group spent four days in Rome and four days in Florence.

“While in Florence, we visited a leather manufacturer and the United States Consulate,” Nakley said. “In Rome, we were able to see how the Duracell battery manufacturer taps into the European business market.”

Nakley advises any students who are given the opportunity to go on the next business trip to Italy to take advantage of it because it will not be a regrettable experience.

Omer Genc, assistant professor in the Department of Marketing, said the program consisted of the business ventures of Italian companies. 

“We did some sightseeing for cultural aspects. There was also a local emergent program which allowed students to observe and learn about local businesses and get an idea of the business aspects of Italy,” Genc said.

He said the purpose of the trip is to prepare students for a global environment.

“We want our students to become global citizens and be able to succeed not only in domestic United States market but also global companies,” Genc said. 

He said students have a better understanding of different cultures and gain knowledge about how business is conducted in Italy by going on this trip.

YSU business students who wish to participate in the next trip to Italy or want to inquire about more information about the program should contact the Williamson College of Business. 

The program is only offered to business students who have met the necessary criteria. The university will offer the course again for students in May. 

Omer Genc

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Ying Wang

Professor of Marketing

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Anthony Nakley

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