YSU Partnership Reduces Time for Law Degree

By Jennifer Rodriguez

Youngstown State University and the University of Akron have created a partnership that enables students to complete law school in six years rather than seven.

The new 3+3 program is designed to reduce the amount of time it takes students to receive a law degree. Students from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences as well as the Williamson College of Business Administration are eligible for this program.

Ron Cole, the YSU public information officer, said YSU has set out to decrease the time it takes students to earn a degree.

“By doing that, the overall cost to students is reduced, and ultimately, it helps reduce student debt,” Cole said. “By potentially reducing the time it takes to earn a law degree from seven years to six, this partnership with University of Akron Law School accomplishes all of that.”

With this new program, students will spend their first three years at YSU and the next three years at the University of Akron Law School. Students will receive their bachelor’s degree after their first year of law school.

The program is set to begin as early as the next school year.

Paul Sracic, chair of Politics and International Relations at YSU, said the program is ideal for new students entering their freshman year, but is available for all students.

According to Sracic, over the past five years roughly 100 YSU students have went on to law school.

“We believe that YSU has one of the best pre-law programs in the state, and this new partnership only serves to enhance that reputation and to expand the opportunities for our students,” Cole said.