YSU offers COVID-19 boosters

By Samantha Smith

Youngstown State University offered several COVID-19 vaccines and now booster clinics for students, faculty and staff on campus. 

Shannon Tirone, associate vice president of University Relations, explained why the university has provided these clinics.

“We created that kind of COVID button with a lot of help from other areas and departments because, not that we always know the answer, but [we] want to make sure the information is in front of everybody,” she said. “We have a clinic scheduled here on our campus just to make it easy for our students and our faculty and staff.”

Tirone estimated over 3,000 people have been vaccinated through YSU’s vaccine clinics since the university began offering them in the spring. She said the two days of the first spring clinic were the busiest days the campus had, with time slots filled from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“It really and truly in the spring was only because of our student nursing program, who really were the ones who were able to assist us in administering underneath the guidance of the city of Youngstown,” she said.

With the number of vaccinations slowing down, Tirone said YSU is not discouraged by the lower numbers because as long as there is someone who wants — and gets — the vaccine, it’s still good for the campus.

One way YSU promotes these free clinics is by sending out emails to all students, faculty and staff. Within those emails is a link to sign up for a time slot. Social media has also taken an important role in the promotion and spread of information.

“Through social media — especially with our students — to be able to push out the importance of keeping your family Penguins safe and making sure that we’re able to do as much as possible,” Tirone said. “Not only for the health of the individual, but also the health of the family too, that they may be going home to or maybe they live in a dorm with. It’s not only a self-responsibility, but a responsibility for those that are around you also.”

For anyone interested in getting the vaccine or a booster shot, sign up through the link provided in the University Relation’s emails. Through that link, the name and a selected time slot must be submitted to schedule for a vaccination. Upcoming clinics will be in December and January.