YSU Film Club to Host Horror Film Festival

By Mary Van Jura

At 6 p.m. on Oct. 26, Youngstown State University’s Film Club will be set up at the Soap Gallery on 117 South Campion St. for a viewing of their student-made horror films, which members have 48 hours to create.

The viewing is free to anyone who wishes to attend. The films can be anywhere from one to 15 minutes in length.

Students in Film Club have specific rules they must follow in order for their film to be shown. While there is no limit on the amount of people that can make up a group, each group must pay a $5 entrance fee for their film to be shown.

The students will pick from a hat for which horror-themed plot they will use to create their films. This method of choosing a theme has piqued the interest of Film Club member Quincy Carrier, a junior and telecommunications major at YSU.

“I’m excited to see what everyone will come up with because picking from a hat takes the barrier away from coming up with an idea for plot,” Carrier said.

Carrier also said that some of the themes he has heard that will be in the mix are funny horror, B-Movie type and pure terror.

Carrier is interested in acting and directing and has high hopes for the outcomes of his peers’ films.

“I hope that the students who participate will have a great time and also learn to overcome the obstacles that come into play while creating films,” Carrier said. “Since there is no time to overthink in 48 hours, they will be able to realize that it’s not that difficult.”

Courtney Kensinger, the president of Film club and a telecommunications major, is interested in the screenwriting, directing and cinematography aspects of film.

Kensinger said that the idea for the 48-hour Horror Film Festival came from Bill Brophy, a YSU professor who has been teaching audio and video production and telecommunications for the past 26 years.

“I organize for speakers to come in and help herd everyone in the same direction,” Kensinger said. “I try to let everyone’s opinion be heard, but when it comes down to it I’ve just got to take control and make a decision on what we’re going to do.”

She said that the 48-hour Horror Film Festival presented a fun idea to work on something in such a short span of time. The Student Art Association is also teaming up with Film Club to offer their expertise in set design and costume makeup.

As for other events the club is planning, Kensinger said they are working on an end of semester project that differs from the comedy skits they’ve previously produced.

“We’re planning on filming something the last month of the semester and we have a couple scripts in the works,” Kensinger said.

Film Club will reward a “super secret top prize” to the film that succeeds in using the best effects, use of plot, costume makeup and acting.