YSU concessions above health code

Youngstown State University’s concession stands have passed the two most recent inspections. YSU’s concession stands are operated by AVI Food Systems. AVI took over the concession stands in the fall of 2012 for the beginning of the football season.

The stands are open for operation during football, basketball and indoor track and field seasons.

On an inspection of YSU’s Stambaugh Stadium concession stand number one on Nov. 17, three violations were found. The hot chocolate mix was stored on the floor, table cleaner was stored near utensils and food items and carbon dioxide tanks were not firmly secured to prevent tipping over.

Jonathan Hillman, general manager of Youngstown State University Concessions for AVI, said how the health inspection problems have been resolved.

“First we fix them, but nothing can be on the floor — especially food products — so, we have to get racks which keep the items six inches off the ground,” Hillman said.

AVI employees, as well as student group volunteers run the concession stands.

Hillman explained that these groups, as well as the AVI employees, make it a priority to go over safety procedures to make sure health violations remain at a minimum.

“At the beginning of the season, we go through all of our team members, all our organizations and volunteers to explain the rules of safety,” Hillman said.

Cicero Davis, director of environmental health for the Youngstown Health Department, said that the stands have always been up to par.

“At most, there has been what we consider minor violations, but there has not been anything major,” said Davis.

In another report on Nov. 17 of the YSU Stadium Commissary, no violations were found.

Pat Judis, a junior majoring in journalism, said he has never really thought about the health of the concession stands.

“I have worked in concessions before. You get what you pay for. I still go to them because you cannot pass up the convenience while at an sporting event,” said Judis. “After hearing that YSU’s concession problems are so minor, it is very reassuring.”