YSU clarifies marijuana policy after legalization

Youngstown State University sent an email to the YSU community Dec. 19 that clarified its marijuana policy since Issue 2 passed.

Issue 2, a ballot initiative that passed in the Nov. 7 election, legalized the recreational use, possession and sale of marijuana for those 21 and older in Ohio.

In the email, YSU stated it still prohibits possession and use of marijuana on campus, “even if legally obtained under state law.” 

The prohibition applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the university, including during university-sponsored events. 

YSU stated in its email that as a public university, it needs to comply with federal law, specifically mentioning the National Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, and the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

YSU stated student’s questions about its policy can be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students and employee’s questions can be directed to the Office of Human Resources.