YSU Alums Still Stuck in Ohio

Dan Marticko
Dan Marticko shoots a video while Ken Marticko does a snowboarding trick at the Youngstown Choffin Career and Technical Center for their first film, “Stuck in Ohio.” Photo courtesy of Ashley Huff.

Ken and Dan Mizicko, born and raised in Vienna, have dedicated their spare time to essentially living their dreams — traveling the country to showcase their action sport and documentary skills. The scene for the brothers’ latest short film is none other than the wonderland that is Ohio.

The Mizicko brothers started “Stuck In Ohio” as a way to exhibit their film-making skills. Ken Mizicko graduated from Youngstown State University in 2006 with a bachelor’s in business administration and Dan Mizicko in 2008 with a bachelor’s in telecommunications.

Over the last year and half, they filmed “Still Stuck,” the sequel to “Stuck In Ohio.” The film showcases their travels over Ohio with different people talking about what makes their area of Ohio special.

Originally, the brothers weren’t planning on making a 31-minute short film.

“We wanted to put something out to show people we’re still going strong; we haven’t faded. So, we were going to put together a 10-minute YouTube video, but we started going through everything we had shot and realized there was a lot of good quality action shots,” Ken Mizicko said.

Before they knew it, their 10-minute video turned to 20 and then 30. He said they’re proud of the final product.

“We realized that come fall, we’ve been around for 10 years, so we wanted to do something to commemorate that,” KenMizicko said.

“Stuck In Ohio” came to be what the brothers were known for, so they named their production company Stuck In Ohio Productions.
Over the decade, they’ve been invited to events where they’ve filmed and posted short clips on their YouTube page, while also working full-time jobs.

“It’s cool to think back that that first tape is what started it all. It’s the simplest thing that lead us to where we are today,” Dan Mizicko said.

“Still Stuck,” which is available on their Stuck In Ohio YouTube channel, begins with a montage of personalities saying “Stuck In Ohio.” The film continues to commemorate their home state, and their journey thus far.

They’ve noticed throughout the years that they’re not the only ones who feel strongly about their home state.

“We love going places, but we love coming back,” Ken Mizicko said.

Dave Slivers is one of the personalities in the film who praises Ohio for it’s skateboarding scene.

“I think skateboarding in Ohio pretty much makes you a better skateboarder because it forces you to make the best out of what you have,” Slivers said in the film.

Ken Mizicko agrees that given their location he’s often had to use his imagination, but has been a welcomed challenge. He said Stuck In Ohio hasn’t come without a negative take on the title.

“Around March, the tag on Twitter starts blowing up with the spring breakers saying they’re ‘Stuck In Ohio.’ They’re mad their friends might be on some beach. Meanwhile we’re having fun in the snow,” Ken Mizicko said.

The name was a spinoff of a punk rock song by Sugarcult, “Stuck In America.”

Throughout the week, the brothers will be promoting their film on the YSU campus.

Ken Mizicko said it’s important for them to come back to the places that helped shape them.

“We’ve been everywhere and we love where this journey has taken us,” he said.