Youngstown’s Peak Attraction: The Summit 90.7

Photo credit by Gabrielle Fellows/ The Jambar.

By Gabrielle Fellows

Photo credit by Gabrielle Fellows/ The Jambar.
Photo credit by Gabrielle Fellows/ The Jambar.

Music connoisseurs and concert buffs will be rejoicing with the news that the Akron, Ohio-based radio station The Summit is now planning to extend their entertainment more into Youngstown. The adult alternative radio station with a reputation for variety will be planning more of its premium concerts to venues in downtown Youngstown.

The Summit began in Akron, but has a local stream out of the Struthers High School that is broadcast at 90.7 FM for listeners in the Mahoning Valley to enjoy. Locals who support the station via monthly donation receive perks, such as a CD with up-and-coming songs as well as early sale and exclusive concert tickets.

On Monday evening, from 5:30-7 p.m., The Summit sponsored British band Scars on 45 at the Nove Gatto on the first floor of the Erie Terminal Building with an after-party that followed at Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts.

With the news that the station is planning on bringing more events to Youngstown and its businesses, Erin Driscoll, director of Student Activities and board member of The Summit, recommended that people who are interested keep their eyes and ears open.

“The Summit is really looking to extend their reach into Youngstown more. In fall 2013, Penguin Productions partnered with The Summit and brought the David Wax Museum to Kilcawley Center for the students and Summit members. Last year in October of 2014, I was invited to become a member of the Summit’s board, the first one from Youngstown. They really want to reach out to Youngstown members more and reach the young adult population in our city and connect to the resources,” Driscoll said. “This show … is about connecting the station with the leaders in Youngstown arts to hopefully build more relationships and move forward. The Summit is definitely interested in doing more shows in Youngstown — with the community and the university.”

Tom Bruno, general manager of The Summit, said that events, such as the Scars on 45 show, are to be expected in the months to come.

“In 2015, we’re planning on bringing Summit artists to the Valley for the members of the station. It started out very small, 10 to 20 people, and now hundreds of people are members of the station, and this is our way of thanking them,” Bruno said. “A lot of stations use coffee mugs and shirts, but we offer our members thanks face-to-face through concerts.”

The Summit’s shows are specifically to thank members of the nonprofit radio station. Members get access to exclusive shows, have the opportunity to order presale tickets for certain concerts and get special gifts through the mail. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member can learn more information by visiting and clicking the “become a member” option under the “support” tab.