WYSU Celebrates Anniversary

Youngstown State University affiliates and members of WYSU-FM enjoy food and drink at the radio station’s 45th anniversary event held in the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center. Photo by Frank George/ The Jambar

To celebrate 45 years of broadcasting, and to thank longtime members and university affiliates who support the station, WYSU-FM hosted a party last Saturday at the newly renovated Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center on West Federal Street.

“We’re just celebrating 45 years of excellence and great broadcasting,” said Tricia Perry, funding officer for WYSU. “This is a thank you. When we make it 45 years, you got to say thank you.”

Because WYSU was established in 1969, the party was ‘60s themed and partygoers enjoyed food, music and decorations from the era. The night’s festive atmosphere resonated with those in attendance, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback among guests.

“They have great events … I enjoy it,” said Lynda Dick, a clerk in Youngstown State University’s special education lab. “I’m having a ball!”

Dick sat at a table with Mary Dillingham, an administrative assistant in the philosophy and religious studies department. Listening to a live band and eating complimentary hors d’oeuvres, Dillingham echoed Dick’s sentiment and added that WYSU plays a staple role in her life.

“I listen to [WYSU] every day,” Dillingham said. “[The party] is a great thing. I think it’s wonderful that they do it; it brings people together and connects us all, and it expresses their appreciation for their supporters.”

Photo by Frank George/ The Jambar

WYSU regularly broadcasts National Public Radio programs and classical and jazz music. YSU Trustees Ted Roberts and James Greene both expressed their appreciation for the station’s programming.

“[WYSU] has been a great part of our lives for many years,” Roberts said. “I think [Saturday’s party] is a great function for WYSU, which is an important part of the university.”

Greene agreed with Roberts, and said that he regularly listens to WYSU with his wife, calling the custom “a family affair.”

“I’m here to support WYSU. It’s one of the great assets the community has, and we want to support it,” Greene said. “[WYSU] brings me sanity. We’re going through a renaissance in Youngstown, and we need WYSU to help be a leader in it.”

Perry concluded that Saturday’s event was a good way to bring area residents together and to celebrate WYSU’s anniversary.

“It’s really good to have this time to get together and celebrate something good for the Valley. It’s such an asset to the Valley to have WYSU, to have a public radio station,” Perry said.