Winds of Change

The Jambar’s editorial board is comprised entirely of students, and as students — most of us in our early twenties — we, or at least most of us, possess youthful vigor and vitality, as we try industriously to establish ourselves in our fields of choice.

Though we may lack experience, having never taken the reins of a newspaper before, we can couple this aforementioned passion and vitality to create an unparalleled force — an accomplishment The Jambar has already proven it can achieve.

In just this past year, The Jambar has provided its readers with comprehensive coverage of all major campus news and sports stories; we’ve broken stories regarding the university’s administrative landscape; and we’ve even published lengthy investigative reports.

We therefore thank the editors who took charge last year; we’ve learned from your experience — you’ve left us with an established publication in which we take great pride.

But, we will not rest on our laurels this year; we will not slip into stagnation. Instead, we will build upon our past successes and employ our particular set of skills to elevate the status of The Jambar. We are attempting to create a cutting edge, forward moving, contemporary publication.

While we will continue to provide detailed hard news stories on the front pages of our print paper, we intend to greatly expand our operations. Our online content plays a large role in this new initiative.

The landscape of journalism has changed in these past years, and simply bemoaning that fact and resisting the changes has proven to be a fatal mistake for newspapers across the country. Though some of the new media has been declared insipid, some outlets have proven that employing the techniques of the new media is not a sentence to the land of list-based humor and cat pictures. Content can be both salient and attractive; the two are not mutually exclusive.

Because we believe that the public has a right to timely and accurate information, we will employ the Internet’s speed to cover stories as they break. You won’t have to wait for a print edition of The Jambar anymore to get the details you need regarding important campus happenings; all your information will be immediately available on our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Most importantly, there will simply be more diverse content.

We also believe that multimedia can nicely complement articles and enhance a reader’s experience. So, we will pair our online articles with myriad photos, graphics, videos and artwork.

We will no longer be unknown faces behind the articles we write. You will get to know your Jambar reporters, as they use their personalities to tell the stories of our campus and city in a way only they can.

We further believe that news outlets should cover the stories that most concern their readers, giving readers — in our case students — a degree of influence over the content of our stories. Look, then, for exclusively online articles that cover millennial culture.

We are increasing our online presence, expanding the breadth of topics we cover, and bolstering the prominence of our publication. A new age is dawning at The Jambar, and we hope that we build a framework that stands and evolves even past our tenure.

We welcome you all to the new Jambar.