Williamson College of Business prepares students for MBA

Youngstown State University students pursuing a Master of Business Administration will be offered an information session at 5:45 p.m. on Monday.

Advisers from the Williamson College of Business will show students the ropes inside Room 3418 of Williamson Hall.

Monique Bradford, an MBA Coordinator at YSU, earned her MBA at the University of Toledo and plans on informing current and potential students what exactly the program has to offer.

“We’ll provide information on why people get them, what type of careers are available, what the YSU alumni are currently pursuing,” Bradford said.

Bradford said the session is available afterhours for students that have a tight working schedule and aren’t able to leave the office to seek advisement. The session will run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Rachel Sweany, a YSU graduate assistant, said she is currently pursuing her MBA at the university. Sweany currently works at the Small Business Development Center at YSU, and said she hopes to become more upwardly mobile with her graduate degree.

“I think the education here is pretty good. The group work is great because you get real-world experience, so I think it’s a good value,” Sweany said.

The MBA program requires 49 semester hours upon completion with up to 14 credit hours of undergraduate course work.

Bradford said students now have the option of taking the GMAT or GRE standardized tests and, while the GMAT is more costly, students without a background in business should opt to complete the test.

“YSU students are usually living within a 60 mile radius of the university. The closest site to take GRE is in Niles. This has really helped students with the test,” Bradford said.

YSU’s MBA program allows students to pursue their degree either part-time or full-time, and starting this fall, YSU will offer a full online course to students. Classes are offered on Saturday nights and courses may be offered in eight-week blocks.