White Cadillac and Jagger Holly at Cedars

By William Ludt

Photo Courtesy of Tony Nicholas.

White Cadillac, Youngstown’s power groove trio, and the newly founded band Jagger Holly will perform Saturday evening at Cedars West End.

Adam May is the lead vocalist and guitarist in White Cadillac.

“We’re American, excessive, classy, sleazy, a little bit metal, a little bit swagger and a little bit cheesy, but ultimately a pretty fun ride,” May said.

The band takes its name from a lyric in a song by the Canadian rock band Danko Jones. May expressed that the name was fitting to the style of music White Cadillac plays.

Accompanying May in White Cadillac are B.J. Lisko on bass and Fred Whitacre Jr. on drums.

“We’re always psyched to be playing at Cedars,” May said. “The new and improved venue is even better than the original, in my opinion. The stage is great, Pete runs the best sound in town, and Billy and Mara are fantastic about supporting original music.”

May, Lisko and Whitacre played shows in the building where Cedars now resides since they were underage. Back then, it was called the Sunset Strip, later being changed to Ground Zero.

“Yeah man, Cedars and the Royal Oaks are really the two places we call home in Youngstown,” May said. “They’re the absolute best at supporting original music, and the crowds we draw there are the best. No one stumbles into our shows there. The people that come are ready to rock their faces off with us.”

White Cadillac creates their sound through elements of funk, blues, heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll.

“White Cadillac shows are typically a sleazy, hard rocking, fun time,” Lisko said. “Take a roomful of assorted Youngstown riff raff, add copious amounts of booze to the equation, and it ends up being one big rock ‘n’ roll party that we are privileged to provide the soundtrack for.”

May commented on the music scene in Youngstown.

“We really love a bunch of bands in town in a variety of genres,” May said. “I’ve seen more quality shows in the last 18 months than I’ve seen in the several years prior.”

Lisko expressed his interest inthe now mysterious Jagger Holly.

“I’m curious to hear Jagger Holly since it features members from bands I’ve always liked,” Lisko said. “I’m sure it’s going to be punk rock, but given the band name I expect it to be a touch different than The Spastic Hearts or Hollywood Blondes.”

This Saturday will be Jagger Holly’s first gig. Jagger Holly is comprised of members from local acts The Spastic Hearts and Hollywood Blondes.

“This is purely speculation, but it sounds like it could be a bit more on the rock side of things,” Lisko said.

Admission to Saturday’s show is $5, and the music begins at 10 p.m. Cedars West End is located at 706 Steel Street.