Where I End and You Begin

cmyk_Jenna letterI have been waiting for this moment since the day I started working here. Not the moment to graduate, or the moment to leave The Jambar, but the moment where I get to reflect upon my years spent here, and the moment I get to acknowledge all of those who have tremendously impacted my life.

These goodbye letters always seem more like thank you notes, because let’s face it, who really wants to say goodbye? And after all, thanking those for the memories is more pleasurable to read — and most of you have been gone for a while now anyway. Which brings me to my next point: I have been here for over three years, and I still can’t wrap my scattered little brain around that. All the times I said, “I’m not coming back next semester,” “I’m over this crap,” “Glad I’ll never had to meet another deadline again,” and here I am … still here, each semester. I guess I can’t get enough of you, Jambar. In all reality, most of my job experiences have happened because of this little dungeon of ours, and even better, friendships have sprouted and continue to bloom.

From features reporter, to assistant copy-editor, to photographer and videographer, I’ve found love in it all. And it seems as if I have a lot of friends and mentors to thank along the way.

MaryBeth. I’ll never forget attending American journalism with you, thinking about how much I disliked our different colored folders, and how after I drop the class I won’t have to get one of those ever again. Who knew our paths would cross in the future, because it certainly wasn’t me, failing to realize you were head of The Jambar. Thank you for providing me with the most outstanding and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I don’t know anyone who could say they covered the Sundance Film Festival because of their university, but mainly because of their newspaper adviser. I will hold that experience deep in my heart forever. You were someone who always admired my creative talent as a photographer. My most favorite position here at The Jambar was indeed being a videographer, thanks to you. If it wasn’t for experiencing all of these different positions, then I would never know exactly what it is that I want to do for a career. Thank you. I am fortunate enough to have picked two fields of studies where I encountered such remarkable mentors, such as you and your husband. Best of luck to your family!

Josh Stipanovich. Thank you for assigning me as the SGA reporter in journalism workshop. As we anticipated to hear our positions, I prayed, hoping to avoid SGA … and what do you know, “Jenna Medina-SGA Reporter.” I dreaded every minute of covering those lackadaisical meetings. I want to thank you for making me think that I hated journalism, and for making me think that I never wanted to return. However, it took me an entire semester to realize that you were just shaping me into the well-rounded reporter I needed to be, and that you were just being a kick-ass editor-in-chief. I couldn’t thank you enough for making me want to come back for more. Also, thank you for intimidating me, because now I look back and laugh wondering how I could have ever let you intimidate me. 😉

Mary. My lifesaver. My paycheck-saver. If it wasn’t for your reminders each week they were due, then I would be broke as a joke. You are the best Jambar mom any Jamily could ask for. I know I speak for everyone when I say this, but you are truly a wonderful woman to have around and we could not be more appreciative of your presence. You are always taking care of us, providing us with food to keep our little working souls replenished at all times. Thank you for being you! And what do you know, I just received an email from you reminding me to log my hours in!

Cassandra. My walking encyclopedia. Oh, how I love you so! You are the absolute first person I go to when I have a grammar question, obviously!!! You are so talented, from your planner, to your AP Style knowledge, to your published stories that you never thought you could accomplish. You are one of the most heartfelt souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know this might be cliché to say, but it’s true, so here it goes …“Don’t let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that
f—ed up and cold.” You’re too talented to let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. You deserve the best. And you better freaking call me to do your engagement photos, I’m holding you to that. The Stan Hywet mansion. 🙂

Emmalee. My AP Style goddess. My crochet, knitting, macramé beauty. I miss our American Horror Story chats, drinking unicorn tears and singing karaoke with you. Your jellyfish hangs in my car and I look at it everyday. I’ll be waiting for our crochet and wine party soon.

Rachael Kerr. My red-head twin. It deeply saddened me to leave our dark copy-editing corner. I still believe the worst story ever is still saved on my computer. Laugh out loud to that!

Joe Giesy. You said something to me in your goodbye letter that I will forever cherish. They are words I tear up to atomically when reading. I’ll keep this short and sweet. “To my flower child, Jenna, never lose your love for the world no matter how much it tries to suck you dry.” Words to live by. I bet you never thought you could impact me so greatly, huh?! Thank you, JG.

Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. I could right an entire issue just on our friendship. If it wasn’t for being a journalism student, and meeting that one day in Fedor lab, our souls wouldn’t be so tightly intertwined. We just get it. We don’t even have to be communicating, and we just get it. You know?! TDM, sixteen dollars, noon beers — everything. Thank you for always supporting me. You are a friend that many wish to have and I couldn’t imagine dancing to sixteen dollars without you. No matter where we live in the world, we will still always feel like next-door neighbors.

Chelsea. I don’t even know where to begin with you! You are truly an inspiration and one of the strongest women I have ever met. You have already accomplished so much in your lifetime and it is truly so exciting to see what you will be conquering next! Thank you for always being a friend and for brightening up the room every time I see you. I love you, Telegs!

To my most favorite professors, Tom Pittman and Bill Lewis. If it wasn’t for you two, I would never be where I am today. Tom, you have supported me since day one. You saw something in me from the beginning, and through your encouragement, I will always thrive to be the journalist I am capable of being. You have never once doubted me, and I know you can’t wait to see what I will do for my future, and either can I 🙂 Bill, you taught me everyone I know about Final Cut. You made me fall in love with it and it is truly amazing to see how much I have learned over the years with the software. I know you just love my hula hooping video so much and you show it to all of your classes, but I think it’s safe to say I have come a long way from that! To the both of you, keep spreading your knowledge to the future, and thanks for everything.

JoAnne. No matter what you do in life, I know you will go your own way. And when you look at your reflection through the snow-covered hills, don’t let that landslide bring you down, because you are stronger than that. I think the only thing I really need to say is, “Sundance, bitch!” Seriously, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend that experience with anyone else. I will never forget you slipping on the ice, and then there’s me trying to save your coffee before you. Oh, and remember when we met Aaron Paul? Tell Lou I said, “Hi.” Good luck with your future, and I can’t wait to see what career you land!!!

Dustin and Josh. Thank you for being the most excellent mentors during my two semesters as a videographer. I am so thankful to have received the best help and advice from you two. You are both extremely talented and your knowledge of software and equipment will take you to great places.

Joe and Steve. You two make the cutest couple ever. You really do create the best music videos and rap songs. I will forever wear crazy leggings every day from here on out in memory of the both of you. Joe, I can’t wait to see you on ESPN one day. And Steve. … well I can only hope that you find a job after you graduate… maybe being Joe’s assistant. Jack Up the Rev!

Marissa. My heart will go on, you’re my punk rock princess!! I love how passionate you are about music and Titanic. You give some of the best hugs, EVER!

Last but not least, my three drama queens who are always bickering back and forth in our year-long group text. Justin, Jordan, Chris. You guys are seriously like … three of my really good friends. Believe it or not, I am quite fond of our friendships. The Jambar was so dull this year without you guys. Even though I may not read every one of your texts, it still makes me happy to see 160 messages of complaints over PETA, Buzzfeed and other political bull. All of us reside in different states and still keep in touch every day, or DID. So, with that said, I need you to all three stop being little prissy high school girls, kiss and make up, and continue on with our normal group texts. I mean c’mon, those who break into the Paramount Theatre together, stick together!! Justin, aka Corbin Bleu, Lenny Kravits and Quddus, thank you for supporting all that I do with my photography and for trying to get my name out there, I truly appreciate it and the love you also share for Thom. Jordan, my heavy metal friend who is in love with my boyfriend, go eat a steak and buy a fur coat, will you?! Oh, and I’m not a hippie. Chris, I miss our production night breaks, and getting caught by the police coming out of the Paramount. We are the three best friends that anyone could have!

Finally, the most important people in my life: my family and my boyfriend. If it wasn’t for the undying love and support since day one, then I could never, ever be the person I am today. It’s all of you who keep me going and wanting to succeed more and more. Truly, you are my inspiration. I breathe for all of you and couldn’t express the amount of love my heart contains, just bursting for all of you, my family. I love you!

And there it is. My last published article for The Jambar. Farewell to the place that has always been good to me.