Wendy’s to replace Arby’s in Kilcawley Center

Wendy’s will soon be on the menu for Youngstown State University students. Construction began in July to replace the Arby’s in Kilcawley Center with a Wendy’s. The eatery’s tentative opening date is Oct. 1, though John Young, director of Kilcawley Center, said the date has not yet been confirmed.

With Arby’s contract set to expire, YSU opened up the space to bidders by request in February.

“At our initial meeting, we had several companies interested in the space,” Young said.

“In the end, only two chose to bid on the former Arby’s space.”

The final two bidders included Wendy’s and Quiznos through AVI Foodsystems, Inc., a local company responsible for campus food service.

“Wendy’s has a great menu, lots of variety and a great price point,” Young said. “They offer a high-quality, fresh product at a reasonable price. I think they will do great at their new location.”

A committee of five staff members and four students decided to add Wendy’s to the university’s food offerings. With Subway, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches and Sub Connection securing the sandwich market at YSU, the choice to add Wendy’s instead of Quiznos was unanimous.

Although Wendy’s will be the only new dining location added to campus this fall, several new features will be introduced at the KC Food Court and Christman Dining Commons.

The Christman salad bar will be improved with the addition of a “green cuisine” section, which includes an updated variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jump Asian Express, part of KC Food Court, will also make its pitch to healthful eaters by introducing a “fit ‘n’ fresh” section of the menu. All meals under that portion of the menu will be 500 calories or less.

“So far, it has been all positive feedback from both the students and staff,” Young said.

“Everyone has been excited about the change.”

Sophomore Stephen DiPaolo welcomes the change.

“Arby’s was getting old, and it’s always good to get a new option,” DiPaolo said.