Wellness Days Replace Spring Break

Youngstown State University announced the spring 2021 semester would not include a week-long spring break. Instead, we have wellness days to take “time off from the rigors of school” which “can help reduce stress and can be conducive to overall improved mental health.” The general consensus is mixed, more often than not leaning toward a negative perspective, but we can all agree we need a break. In addition to going to school, a lot of us are working full-time and going to class full-time. Data collected by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University shows 70% of full-time college students work anywhere between 15-35 hours per week. The next upcoming wellness days will be March 11 and 12, then the regular class schedule resumes all the way until the first week of April. While it’s admirable the university is acknowledging our need for days to take a few days off, is it enough? Mental health among students has deteriorated since the beginning of the pandemic, approximately 63% of them reported to the Jed Foundation last year. Eighty-two percent of students reported struggling with anxiety and 63% struggling with depression. Above all, we need to take care of ourselves and our mental health, because that’s what’s most important! Take advantage of the days off and try to implement some time for yourself once in a while.