‘We See Tomorrow’ Goal Increases to $125 Million

The Youngstown State University Foundation set a new goal of $125 million for its “We See Tomorrow” campaign Jan. 29 after meeting its $100 million goal.

“The success of this campaign has been nothing short of phenomenal, a reflection of the generous support and strong reputation that YSU has throughout the region and across the country,” Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata, a YSU Foundation trustee and campaign chair, said in a YSU press release. “We look forward to keeping the momentum going and setting our sights even higher.”

The campaign funds new scholarships, student work opportunities, new endowed chairs and professorship positions, campus beautification enhancements, new “Classrooms of the Future” and the new Excellence Training Center on the campus’s south end.

“This campaign helps make YSU more affordable, extends opportunities for academic excellence, brings state-of-the-art classroom technology, improves the appearance of our campus and creates a center that we believe will have a far-reaching impact on workforce development and research across the region for years to come,” YSU Provost Brien Smith said in the press release.

So far, the campaign has collected about 27,000 gifts, which includes 32 donations of $1 million or more.