Warm Weather Fashion Trends on YSU

Flower Bud
Photo Courtesy of C.K. Koay/Flickr. ” Flower Bud”. CC by 2.0.

The snow piles occupying the roadsides are almost completely melted. The grass is begging to turn into lively green blades. Spring is finally returning to Youngstown, Ohio.

Spring is a prelude to the long awaited summer weather and both seasons offer the chance to express new fashion trends. Students around Youngstown State University’s campus were asked what they thought was going to be in style for the upcoming seasons:

Dominique Weldon: “For girls, floral print, crop tops, neon colors and high-waisted bottoms are in style. Shoe-wise: wedges!”

Jasmin Frazier: “Definitely lace shirts and bright colors. Denim shirts and gladiators are also in for spring and summer.”

Carly Reese: “Probably long, flowy clothes that are also light and airy. Also pastel colors as opposed to dark.”

Patrick Brown: “It depends what the person’s personal style is, but for me it’s shorts and cutoffs or jeans and a T-shirt. I’m pretty simple.”

Josh Gentry: “For the rest of spring and summer I’ll probably be rocking some newer jeans and some shirts with funny sayings on them. For guys the geeky look is still in style and for girls probably sundresses. Green and yellow are stylish colors for the season.”

Momo Fernandez: “Most girls around here wear leggings. Maxi dresses are stylish for spring. I will be wearing capris and Harem pants because they’re nice to wear and I have a child, so it’s easier than skirts.”

Andrew Linthicum: “I like shorts and flip flops. Any thin material tops are nice. I’ll be wearing baseball caps when I have a bad hair day. Also, bow ties are nice for spring.”

Amanda Shuluga: “I will probably be wearing lots of floral dresses. Oh, and I feel like lace is coming back. I like yoga pants and sweatshirts, so I’ll probably wear those until it’s hot enough for shorts and tank tops.”

Overall, the theme for spring and summer clothing seems to be light, breezy clothing that allows for movement and staying cool. Also, bright colors combined with different patterns and textures keep clothing interesting and unique. Once all of the teeter-tottering temperatures even out to a consistent warm season, it is safe to shed the layers of clothing that kept us warm through the brutal winter.