Warehouse 50 welcomes YSU students

Warehouse 50

The Stambaugh Building that hosted the former Buffalo Wild Wings and the short-lived Dooney’s Downtown Grill & Bar is now occupied by Warehouse 50. The new bar attracted over 3,000 partygoers to their first Party on the Plaza in 2013.

Inside the construction-themed bar are industrial sized fans, an oscillating DJ booth and assistant managers Eric Pustay and Frank Barbaro.

Both Pustay and Barbaro are seniors at Youngstown State University, and said with the end of construction in sight, they are excited to be apart of Warehouse 50’s grand opening.

“Its that industrial kind of vibe inside. We have nine TVs going in, a 70-inch on the wall surrounded by 40-inch TVs,” Pustay said.

Warehouse 50 will also serve as a restaurant, carrying typical pub styled foods and plenty of healthy, vegan friendly options. The bar eventually plans to utilize Pete’s Points and welcomes YSU students and athletic teams.

“YSU is 20 seconds away; we want to let students know that this is their bar just as much as it is ours,” Barbaro said.

Pustay said that along with Warehouse 50’s industrial feel, the bar will also feature the lowest drink prices in the area. He said they also plan to host tailgating for YSU sporting events.

“Out of V2, Odonald’s and Draught Hause; we’re going to have the best prices downtown,” Barbaro said. “We’re trying to have a fun atmosphere. Where families can come enjoy themselves during the day, and people can come party at night.”

Barbaro and Pustay both said that Warehouse 50 doesn’t want to compete with the bars downtown, but is hoping to draw large crowds to help surrounding businesses.

“We want the community to get involved with us,” Barbaro said.

Warehouse 50 doesn’t have a complete staff, but employed several YSU students to help with Party on the Plaza last Friday.

Pustay said that the bar is already planning a back to school party for YSU students in August.

Warehouse 50 hopes to open their doors on June 21 with a soft menu and Party on the Plaza. Live music will begin at 5 p.m.