Voices of YSU perform at International Coffee Hour

By Brianna Gleghorn 
Jambar Contributor

The Voices of YSU, the Youngstown State University chorus, not only sang at the International Coffee Hour, but showed off some dance moves.

The group performed at International Coffee Hour on Oct. 19 in the Lariccia Cultural Collaboratory in Jones Hall. They performed a set of songs from different cultures around the world, some included dance.

Daniel Keown, assistant professor of vocal music education, led the group during the performance.

“The idea for Voices of YSU is we are looking for the diverse voices of this campus,” said Keown. “This is a group we are look at maybe going beyond just performing for a concert where people get tickets. We are looking at ways where we give back to the community.”

The group plans to use their talent not only for YSU, but the community of Youngstown.

“We are transitioning to this idea of being artistic ambassadors of YSU in that we are striving for opportunities to use the power of music to make a positive impact here on campus as well as the community,” Keown said.

Amber Lissimore, a middle school English, history and math education major, performed with the group and spoke about what the group has meant to her.

“I’m a shy person, and I didn’t know anyone,” Lissimore said. “No one from my school was here and I got to meet new people. It’s great even with all the dancing.”

Students with any major are invited to join the group. The group is a class that students can add to their schedules for one credit hour. They meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“It’s open to all students of all majors,” Keown said. “We have some students who are biology majors and chemistry majors … psychology majors and we [have] some education majors in there too. There are a few music majors as well. It’s a great collection of students.”

Photo by Brianna Gleghorn/Jambar Contributor

Amelia Richards, biology major, also performed and loves being a part of the vocal group.

“I’ve always loved singing and this is so different,” Richards said. “When we sing we’re all unified.”

Tyler Longwell, finance major, was in the audience and enjoyed the performance.

“I thought they were really good and interesting,” Longwell said. “It’s nice they are reaching out to incorporate different groups of people and different cultures.”

The group sings different types of music from various cultures and genres.

“This is a group that we explore world music in all different genres and styles,” Keown said. “Many students here on campus come from different backgrounds that I’m not a part of, and we want to start having our students bring that music to us, that we can all learn about other cultures through their experiences.”

Coffee was provided along with snacks and other refreshments for the crowded room of students, professors and other attendees.

At the end of the performance the audience was invited to perform YSU’s alma mater. The words were provided and the group joined the audience.

Voices of YSU are always looking for more talent for their group and will perform a free concert on Oct. 29 at St. Columba Cathedral.