Voice Your Vote 

For many, attending college is the first time being away from home. Here we get our first taste of freedom, have the space to work out who we really are and find our voice. We may use this voice in a variety of ways: joining a club or organization we feel passionate about, supporting our faculty during a strike or taking part in a town hall meeting. But, one of the most important ways we can use our voice is in regards to politics, specifically voting. Every one of us has the ability to change the fate of the country, if only we decide to exercise it. 

As our world is constantly evolving around us in many ways, from riots and revolutions, economic and environmental turmoil, to pandemics and politics, it is important we involve ourselves and take a stance. The ability to vote is the ability to impact; to prevent, preserve, secure or provoke certain agendas and ideologies.

The Democratic system of the American government is a privilege which not all countries and societies have. As American citizens, we have the power to influence what happens in our home: what we want and do not want for ourselves and everyone else. Against or for gun control? Pro-life or pro-choice? Have certain strong feelings about taxation or health care? You can advocate for these beliefs through your vote.

While being educated in politics is important, you do not have to know everything that is going on and have a stance on every issue to vote. You may not even agree with absolutely every aspect of a certain politician, but it is primarily about what someone stands for, and if it’s in accordance with your concerns. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to support your morals and principles. Educate yourself — don’t just listen to what your parents say or get all of your information from a single source. Once you’ve educated yourself vote for YOUR candidate and don’t let anyone make you feel out of place or wrong for your beliefs.

Whether it be in-person or via mail, be sure to make your voice heard, Guins!