Viva La Valentine’s Day

This has been an incredibly untraditional year, with many holiday traditions being broken for the first time in generations due to the pandemic. COVID-19 is a term we’ve all heard more than we’ve ever wanted to and it has become a scapegoat for anything and everything — although it normally is the culprit — but we must not allow it to claim our Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to celebrate with a significant other, spend time with friends or simply to be left in peace, take this day to do something fun. Below are some suggestions from your friendly Jambar editorial staff on ways to get into the holiday spirit. 


For the Couples:

Take a small weekend trip to get away from it all and rekindle the romance. Maybe one of your families has a cabin in the woods or maybe you can try out an Airbnb; either way, pack some board games, movies, fuzzy pajamas, yummy snacks and make a weekend out of it. If that is too much of a hassle, then have a fun and romantic dinner at home. Put on some dancing music, pull out your “kiss the cook” apron and get in the kitchen together to make one of those recipes you’ve shared on Facebook but have never attempted to actually make. 


For the Besties:

Don’t have a significant other but still want an excuse to have some fun? This is the perfect holiday for spending time with friends without the pressure of buying them gifts. Get the gang together for a virtual movie night; pick out one of your favorite movies and watch it together while you Zoom call each other. Meet up for a friend-date at One Hot Cookie and enjoy the sweetness of the season. 


For the Solitary: 

So you don’t like people — well that’s no excuse not to treat yourself this holiday season. Go out and get some of your favorite snacks, a bottle of wine — if you’re of age — and then binge some of your favorite movies, whether they be chick flicks or horror films. Take a bubble bath, curl up with a good book, beat that level of your favorite video game that you’ve been stuck on, paint, draw, or color, do anything that fills your heart with joy. 


No matter which category you fall into, make sure to take some time and enjoy life instead of just letting it pass by while awaiting a more “normal” time. Set those textbooks aside, forget about that cleaning you’ve been meaning to do and give yourself a well-earned night of relaxation and possibly a little romance.