Vehicle Collision Backs Up Wick Avenue

A two-vehicle collision occurred on Wick Avenue in front of the Wick parking deck on Wednesday morning, backing up traffic down the roadway during campus rush hour. 

According to a Youngstown City police officer, a red Mustang made a left turn onto Wick Avenue from the parking deck, making contact with a white vehicle driving straight ahead.

The white vehicle landed on the curb of the roadway after the collision occurred.

Photo by Rachel Gobep

The Youngstown Police Department was on scene to handle the investigation and an ambulance arrived shortly after.

Tow trucks arrived to tow away the red Mustang with damage done to the right front headlight. 

The officer said several Youngstown State University students were involved in the collision, with one female student reportedly making a trip to the hospital for a checkup.  

According to the officer, no major injuries were reported on scene.