V2 Sets Bar for Downtown Restaurants

By Dom Joseph
Jambar Contributor

“We work day and night to make a good product here at V2, and we want people to come down and enjoy the food and relax, while having a good time,” Ed Moses, the co-owner of V2 Wine Bar Trattoria, said.

V2, located on Federal Street in downtown Youngstown, opened in 2011 and is the sister location to Vernon’s Cafe in Niles. Since their doors opened, V2 has served thousands.

Moses can be found in the restaurant checking everyone’s tables to make sure they are enjoying the V2 experience. Moses got his start in the Italian food sales business, working hand in hand with Vernon’s Cafe.

“I used to sell to Vernon and Vernon’s Cafe, so we had a relationship from that,” Moses said. “I used to always talk business with him and how I always wanted to get into the business, and he gave me a shot.”

When the opportunity presented itself to open a restaurant downtown, Vernon and Moses couldn’t resist.

“We came downtown wanting to give the people a great place to eat, and a nice place to go after work,” Moses said. “We had no idea we’d be this successful.”

When it comes to goals for a co-owner, Moses seeks to have great relationships with his customers.

“When I was a sales rep, that’s how I built my business, with great relationships,” Moses said. “That’s how you get them to come back. It’s all about relationship.”

From a customer’s standpoint, Danny Reese of Canfield loves making the trip downtown for the restaurant’s experience.

“I definitely enjoy going down there,” Reese said. “They always have a great crowd. They have great food, and the customer service is always good,” Reese said.

Reese, an assistant coach for the Youngstown State University men’s basketball team, frequents V2 after work, knowing it’s right down the street.

“It’s always a good reason to go to campus for sure,” Reese said. “It’s a great option, especially in terms of the atmosphere.”

As Moses mentioned, customer service and relationships are his priority. For Reese, his customer service experiences have been phenomenal.

“Every time I go, they’re really friendly and personable,” Reese said. “The waiters and waitresses always hang around and ask you questions and make sure your enjoying your time there, which is really nice.”

“It definitely makes it more fun having that relationship for the time being,” he added. “For me, working for YSU, when they see the ‘Y,’ they always want to know your affiliation or what you do there. It’s great conversation and something you won’t get anywhere else.”

The wine bar has meant lot to downtown since its inception in 2011, according to Reese.

“New places have popped up, but V2 has been the reliable spot because you know it’s going to be great everytime you go,” he said.

Moses said people always come back because the food is made with love.