Urban Gaming Club: “Friendliest Club Around”

By Tyler McVicker
Jambar Contributor

The Urban Gaming Club at Youngstown State University meets every other Wednesday and Friday, switching between each week. Members meetup to play Dungeons and Dragons, along with any other popular tabletop game the club chooses.

Regardless of a person’s prior experience with any tabletop gaming, this club is ready and willing to get anyone up to speed on how these types of games are played. The club will include anyone into a group of very experienced, yet understanding players.

Carol Michalek, sophomore computer science and information systems major, said the group is ready to help out new players with whatever they need.

“Basically, a person just needs to take any concept they have for a character and run with it. There may be a lot of numbers and math in the beginning, but we as a group will help you through it,” Michalek said.

Members want anyone who joins the club to have a positive and comfortable experience while playing the games.

Rory Gallatin, a sophomore biology student, said he is a member that regularly attends, and he mainly participates in the club’s Dungeon and Dragons games and their Human vs. Zombies event.

Some members are highly dedicated to this group. With the Dungeon Master of DnD, they have multiple binders full of custom campaign content.

This particular dedication could possibly add to the experience of any new players, as the campaign can be customized with the specific players in mind.

“Give it a shot. If by the end of the night you don’t feel as if you are a fit, don’t worry,” Gallatin said.

Michalek had some advice for those on the fence about joining something foreign to them.

“We don’t want anyone struggling and going, ‘what do I do?’ because we are all here to have fun, so we want any of the uninformed to have fun, too. It may seem overwhelming, but most people get the hang of this really fast, so don’t worry,” she said.

Ryan Cauldron, a College Credit Plus student at YSU studying astrophysics said, the club seems like a friendly community to be in.

“It’s a good opportunity to join, no one has too, but I think it will open up some social opportunities,”

The Urban Gaming Club is set to meet throughout the rest of this semester and will switch between DnD and other tabletop games each meeting.

The next meeting dates are Nov. 16, Nov. 21, Nov. 30 and Dec. 5. Each of these dates the group will be in the lounge behind Jamba Juice in Kilcawley Center from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m.