Unwind at The Beeghly Center

By Gabe Garcia 

College can be stressful, but one way students at Youngstown State University can relax is by getting a massage on campus.

On Nov. 22, students, faculty and others can receive massages in the Beeghly Center. The massages must be scheduled, and they cost about $10 for students, and more for others.

“Half of the money goes back to campus recreation,” Ryan McNicholas, coordinator of Fitness and Wellness programs, said. “The rest goes to our amazing massage therapist who is both licensed and insured. Each session is 15 minutes long. If someone wants two sessions, they pay double.”

With 66 participants, this has been the most successful semester for the massage program. Every two weeks since Aug. 30, Mary Griffiths has been administering massages in Beeghly Center. The program will continue until Dec. 8 and pick back up next semester with weekly sessions.

“I make sure to adjust the pressure to what people want,” Griffiths said. “I incorporate techniques such as stretching while I work on people as well as deep breathing because it releases tension. We all really need to try and feel more relaxed.”

Griffiths graduated from the National Massage Institute of Massage Therapy in Akron in 1995, and also works as a registered nurse and certified yoga instructor.

“The thing is, students are carrying really heavy backpacks across campus that just is not helping them,” Griffiths said. “It’s better that they carry it in front of them so that they can be more balanced versus wearing it over one shoulder. It really helps their posture.”

The majority of those who take advantage of the massage sessions are students.

“It truly is relaxing,” Jacob Molnar, a freshman at YSU, said. “I went to go get a massage back in September and it really helped me unwind. With homework piling up, I’m definitely gonna have to go back before the semester is over.”

Students can schedule appointments by contacting McNicholas at 330-941-2207. Griffiths said she is grateful to McNicholas and the Fitness and Wellness program.

“I love coming on campus and seeing the kids,” she said. “It’s very beneficial for them to come, and they all seem very pleased with the results.”