Union elects president

On June 3, Youngstown State University’s Association of Classified Employees union cast and counted ballots, electing Connie Frisby as their new president.

Frisby is set to take office Sept. 1. She already works as the secretary of YSU’s Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and is a longtime member of ACE.Frisby said she’s “excited” and “afraid” of the responsibility that lies ahead of her.

“There lot of changes taking place at YSU, so it’s really a good opportunity,” Frisby said. “You want to do what’s best for the entire unit, and you have to be accessible to all your members.”Frisby said she’s beginning to prioritize ideas for leading ACE but nothing has become concrete. She noted the first task after taking office will be contract negotiations.

Paul Trimacco, current ACE president, is taking a step back from his presidency and said the position is “very time consuming” and that “you basically put your life on hold for two years.”

Trimacco has been employed with YSU since 2001. He has been involved with ACE since 2004, where he has served as a grievance officer and a member of the executive board, in addition to his role as president.

Trimacco helped resurrect projects within ACE that were neglected in the past. He created a scholarship committee, completed drives that supply local schools with supplies, as well as a social committee that holds picnic for members.

Despite his accomplishments, Trimacco said he’s confident Frisby will successfully fill his shoes and that her biggest challenge will be negotiating ACE’s new contracts when their current deal ends in August 2014.

“Connie is prepared. She has the background, and she’ll do a good job,” he said. “I would tell her to surround herself with people she can trust and who she knows that can get the job done — people who can get negotiations done.”

Trimacco said that ACE’s work is “not about getting a paycheck” and each member “likes to give back to the community.” He said that with an uncertain economy, ACE tries to remain flexible when facing challenges.

“Negotiating in an economy that’s uncertain — and we always face that — we’re going to face the challenges to tighten our belts,” Trimacco said. “Everyone has to tighten their belts equally. Its never a cut and dry thing.”

ACE covers 350 members employed at YSU with careers as secretaries, administrative assistants, accounting for the second largest union on campus. ACE donates funds to relay for life and contributes scarves, hats and gloves to local charities during holiday seasons.

“I hope that I can continue the process that’s been started in making this a strong united unit,” Frisby said.

Tony Spano was elected as 1st Vice President and Melanie Leonard as Secretary. Sue Jones, Mary Slaven, Hasheen Wilson, Cindy Blevins and Eileen Esposito were all elected to ACE’s Executive Board.