Ultimate club goes to tournament

By Beth Shiller

Youngstown State University’s Ultimate Frisbee club attended the Down The Rabbit Hole tournament hosted by Denison University in Granville, Ohio from Nov. 9-10.

YSU won one game of six.

Ultimate is played with two teams of seven, trying to pass a disc into the end zone to another player. A player may not run with the disc and must throw it within ten seconds of catching it. The game ends when one team reaches thirteen points or the time runs out.

The team started off on Saturday with a win against Michigan State University and two losses against Ohio Northern University and Mansfield University. The team also lost to the University of Notre Dame and Oberlin College.

Chris Auman, YSU’s coach said he was disappointed in the turnout.

“We were unfortunately plagued by injuries throughout Saturday and Sunday so we were unable to keep up the tempo,” he said.

Tim Shreeve, the vice president of the Ultimate club said he was very upset with the team’s performance.

“We went 1-5, we are better than that I swear,” he said.

Mike Smith, the president of the Ultimate club said that compared to the first day of playing, the second was a bit rough.

“Everyone’s tired from yesterday and we had a couple of big injuries that got in the way of things, but on the whole I’d say that I’m happy with our performance today especially going up against some really tough defenses,” he said.

The two female members of the team didn’t play in this tournament.

“It’s too cold to play and they don’t need us. We only go in when it’s really bad,” Macayla Macklin said.

The fall semester is the preseason, and those tournaments lead up to the college series that begins in April with the “Conference Championships.”

The Down The Rabbit Hole tournament was the third and last of the season, preceded by the State University of New York Buffalo and Ohio State tournaments.

Shreeve said the team hopes to go to more in the spring.

“It’s going to go a lot better, more people will turn out and we’ll be working to improve,” Shreeve said.