Ugly Sweater Party Featuring JD Eicher and Joy Ike

By Amanda Lehnerd

The SOAP Gallery presents JD Eicher and Joy Ike for the annual ugly sweater party, Dec. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Eicher, a Youngstown musician, has been doing an Ugly Sweater Show since 2010. The idea started with the band simply wearing ugly sweaters and evolved into the theme for the show.

“Every year we do a show around Christmas, and everybody, band included, wears the ugliest holiday sweater they can find,” Eicher said. “We’ve been doing holiday shows since 2010, and I think the band was wearing ugly sweaters. By 2012, it just became the thing. We have a history of goofing around, so this is very natural, and we just hang out in terrible outfits. It’s always fun.”

Eicher has performed at The SOAP Gallery in the past and felt the venue was a good place to host the ugly sweater show.

“We did our CD release at The SOAP Gallery this past spring and loved the venue,” Eicher said. “It’s a great room with lots of space, and the venue owner, Daniel Rauschenbach, is open to getting creative with event ideas.”

The show will offer performances by JD Eicher and his band along with Joy Ike and her band. Eicher is a singer-songwriter from Youngstown, with a focus on Indie Music. Joy Ike is a singer-songwriter whose music is a blend of pop, soul and folk.

People attending the show will get complimentary cookies and hot chocolate; this perk is included with the ticket.

“We’ll have tables out with cookies and hot chocolate, and there will be plenty of time for folks to mingle and catch up. It’s casual, and there will be seating and tables available,” Eicher said. “The show’s set will consist of mostly originals and some holiday tunes.”

Eicher and Ike connected eight years ago at a show in Pittsburgh. They have been planning a show together for some time and decided to collaborate for the Ugly Sweater Show.

“JD and I have known each other for years. We met at a show in Pittsburgh some eight years ago and had done a bit of touring together. I have a lot of respect for him and the music he makes,” Ike said “We loosely planned to do a Christmas tour last year, but it didn’t happen due to both of our schedules. So this December we figured we’d do a weekend of shows in Philly, Pittsburgh and Youngstown.”

Eicher stated this is a show anyone can enjoy, and if he wasn’t playing in the show, this is how he would want to spend his evening.

“Come, enjoy the music. Come over for a joyful, energetic, yet cozy evening of live music, hot chocolate and cookies,” Eicher said. “That’s how I would want to spend my evening even if I weren’t playing.”

People looking to attend the show can buy tickets online at Tickets cost $12 online before the show, and they will cost $15 at the door.