Tuition Increase Hopefully Means Campus Fixes

With a tuition increase of about six percent for the incoming freshmen of Youngstown State University in fall 2018, which is expected to increase with the cost of inflation, we can only hope the money will help fix some issues on campus.

Over the summer the campus saw a few renovations such as The Hub, Maag Library and the first floor of Meshel Hall.

While everyone should be grateful there were some sorely needed updates done, students didn’t ask for a face-lift to The Hub or library. Students asked for a few other things.

The sanitary product dispensers in many bathrooms are broken or empty, and the university responded by putting feminine products in vending machines. While there are signs in the bathroom stating this, they say it is “for your convenience.” It’s hardly convenient when you must leave the bathroom to locate a vending machine, especially if in an unfamiliar building.

There are bathrooms on campus where the handicap buttons don’t work, stall doors are broken, sinks without hot water and general neglect. The nicest bathrooms on campus are in the Williamson College of Business Administration and the first floor of Meshel Hall.

For a business as large as a university, buying items like toilet paper in bulk is the cheapest way to get it. But is it too much to ask for toilet paper that isn’t see-through?

Wi-Fi dead spots are plentiful around campus, where the Wi-Fi either isn’t there or it could be a hit or miss. Bliss Hall is pretty iffy, and that can be concerning for students who spend a majority of their day in the building.

Parking lot attendants should pay better attention to the lots by putting out the lot full sign to prevent people from entering an already full lot. It should also be better known where there is more available parking when the usual lots are at or approaching capacity.

There should be more food options on campus. While there are rumors about what might be added to the new dorms on Lincoln Avenue, many people are hoping for a different selection than what we already have. We have Italian at MVR, we already have three places for burgers, tacos, burritos, two places for subs, two Starbucks, one Dunkin’ Donuts, pizza, more pasta and more. An Asian food place would be a perfect addition to the community.

Although the initial thought of tuition increases makes people upset, remember the money goes toward renovations, supplies, bills and paying the amazing staff and faculty that keep the university running.

Both are in or nearing the end of contract negotiations and all deserve fair compensation for all the hard work they do. After all, without the staff and faculty we wouldn’t be here.