Travel yoga with Brooke Crissman

By Samantha Smith

Youngstown State University’s Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers a broad array of activities to keep students active. The rec recently added travel yoga — yoga classes offered in a variety of locations around campus — to its repertoire. 

Brooke Crissman, a junior biology major, will be hosting the travel yoga classes around campus.

“It’s the same yoga that I normally teach, which is kind of like a power yoga, but I adjust it and I give options to make it easier or to make it harder,” Crissman said.

There will be six total travel yoga classes this semester. Locations include Maag Library, Jones Hall and the meditation room in the rec center. The first class is scheduled for Jan. 24 on the third floor of Maag Library. An official posting of dates and locations will be provided in the future.

Crissman explained the general practice of yoga and its benefits, such as decreasing everyday stress.

“I know it’s more of a spiritual experience, which sounds super cliche, but it’s supposed to be matching your breath with your movement, and your mind is supposed to be centered. It’s kind of like a journey,” she said. “I think it’s really beneficial for anyone who is stressed with school, anyone who is stressed with anything. It’s a good way to bring yourself back down.”

Students can register for travel yoga classes through the recreation center’s website. If they have any problems doing so, they can email Crissman at or Dina Fabry, fitness and wellness coordinator, at For more information on the travel yoga class, visit the recreation center’s website.

“I just want to tell people that it’s an open and judge-free zone,” Crissman said. “It’s not this intimidating environment. You’re always welcome.”