Travel Cheap: Tips for Summer Vacation

By Donny Yankle

Students who want to get out and explore the world this summer have options, even on a budget.  airplane

Sheri Elliott, who works at Traveline on campus, and Danielle Dougan, public relations manager at StudentUniverse — a website offering travel options for students — offered up their tips for students looking to travel.

Travelling Outside the Country is Not Out of the Question

Dougan mentioned that heading overseas is possible on a budget. According to the StudentUniverse website, round trip flights from New York to Dublin run about $500. While it may be too late to try this year, Elliott said many students facilitate overseas travel by enrolling in study abroad programs.

Take Advantage of Travel Agents

Elliott said students should take advantage of on-campus travel agents, because they’re free and experts. Dougan also said StudentUniverse negotiates prices for students between 18-26, taking their budgets into account. You just need an .edu email address.

Keep an Open Mind

Both Elliott and Dougan said keeping an open mind will improve travel experiences. Don’t limit yourself. They also said you can save money by traveling in groups. Travelers who bundle flights and hotels or receive group rates will spend less.

Flexibility Will Save You Money

Being flexible saves money, because some days are cheaper to travel than others. While travelers may arrive or depart from less popular airports, they’ll end up with more money to spend when they get to where they’re going.

Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Fees

“Be careful booking online for travel,” Elliott said. “There may be hidden fees that don’t initially show up in the bottom line.”

Much like buying a $35 concert ticket and being hit with an extra $15 in service fees at checkout, travel sites often hide service fees as well. Keep an eye out.