On Tuesday, American voters supported progressive legislation at polling places across the country.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Maine, Maryland and Washington, which along with Colorado, legalized recreational marijuana use. And Wisconsin elected the U.S. Senate’s first openly gay member.

That’s a lot of tree-huggin’ hippie nonsense for one election night.

And at the time of this writing, America had not been destroyed by any of the 10 plagues or other acts of God — Hurricane Sandy was last week.

The Mayan apocalypse is next month. So, if we get through that, we should be in the clear.

That is, until Harold Camping predicts the next rapture.

From slavery to women’s suffrage to abortion, the American people have demonstrated gradual cerebral development when coming to grips with new norms.

In the meantime, fickle voters deceived by hateful rhetoric have marginalized societal groups.

Even excluding the presidential race, Tuesday’s election was momentous.

Landmark ballot initiatives exhibited a political awakening. No longer will homosexuals need to be fearful of being themselves when they want to serve the general public. Stoners won’t need to quiver when passing a cop en route to the nearest Taco Bell.

But we’re not there yet.

The remaining states need to wake up as well. Human rights shouldn’t be subject to moral approval by people they never have met, and never will meet, hundreds of miles away.

Individual choices should be just that: individually made.