Top Youngstown law enforcement still true to YSU roots

John Beshara, Rod Foley and Jerry Greene have hung out since their teenage years, working out at the Mahoning Barbell. Today, they still work together, but no longer as teenagers at the gym.

Youngstown State University Police Chief John Beshara, Youngstown Police Chief Rod Foley and Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene hold some of the Valley’s top jobs in law enforcement. All three are YSU graduates with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience, and they express a mutual respect for one another.

“I am always talking to Jerry, and I am always talking to Rod — even more so than my wife,” Beshara said. “We are very much so friends.”

Greene said the three met while in high school, but that they did not become close friends until beginning their careers in law enforcement.

“I have known Beshara and Foley for longer than I have been in law enforcement. The relationship developed once I started my career,” Greene said. “I have always had a great respect for them. They have good management, and they have unquestionable intelligence.”

Foley said his relationship with Beshara and Greene enables collaboration.

“John and I were blessed to be appointed to our current positions at nearly the same time. Now that Jerry has been elected as county sheriff, it will make collaboration between agencies much more effective,” he said.

Foley also extended advice for YSU criminal justice majors.

“Get to know your fellow classmates. On a daily basis, I’m interacting with fellow Penguin graduates,” Foley said. “The relationships forged in the classroom will make you more effective and productive when you enter the criminal justice vocation.”

Beshara, Foley and Greene work toward a similar goal: to serve the community.

“As friends, colleagues and professionals, we work together to better the community. We serve our community in whatever way is needed,” Beshara said. “I love the job.”