Three Years and Jack Up The Rev Later

By Steve Wilaj

First off, I think it’s only right I start off my goodbye letter with a Dustin Livesay joke.

Nah, I’m just joking. Get it? No? Exactly. See Dustin.

Anyways it’s hard to believe that my time with The Jambar is finally up after three long years. It was an awesome opportunity that helped me become a 10-times better journalist.

But I think what I’ll remember the most is just how much fun it was.

I never thought working for The Jambar would allow me to travel to Chicago, New York, New Orleans and Philadelphia.

Even more, I never thought I would co-host the wildly popular Jack Up the Rev sports show; or twice co-host The Jambar Awards Show; or star in two music videos, a musical and a handful of JUTR commercials; or meet Erin Andrews; or meet Sarah from Chicago and Sarah the Cat from Michigan. What a ride.

Another great aspect of my Jambar years was working with a lot of fun people.

It allowed me to meet Joe Catullo Jr., who guided me when I first started and is now one of my best friends. Thanks for putting up with my stupid antics and joining me in most of them.

Looking back, I’m proud to say Joe, myself and Dustin Livesay — who also became one of my best friends — formed The Big Three as far as Jambar sports goes. Joe is LeBron, I’m Kyrie and Dustin, you’re Kevin Love because, even though you’re good, everybody gets on you and you’re always injured. Oh yeah, Josh Medore, you were like Mozgov — big, goofy and a good complimentary piece. As a side note — that shirt you were wearing on Saturday is a good look for you, but not as good as your Beatles look when we first joined The Jambar.

I also have to give a big thanks to Mary Beth Earnhardt who, simply put, was very good to me and definitely helped me get to the point I am today. Although I’m still upset you think my jokes are below average. I mean, no one else ever answered the office phone by saying “Jambar, this is Pete the Penguin speaking.”

I have to thank Dave Davis, as well, for all your help this past year with senior project. Another special thanks goes to the YSU sports info trio of Trevor Parks, John Vogel and Jamie Hall.

There are so many more Jambar people I want to mention, but I have to wrap this up, so I’ll just give shout-outs to Kacy Standohar (how classic was that Ronald McDonald?), Marissa McIntyre, Jordan Uhl (the Marlins swept the Nats this past weekend), Anthony DiPiero, Dan Hiner, Amanda Tonoli, Gabby Fellows and Cory Bartek.

Special mention to Mary Dota (go Tribe).

As for my multimedia team, Ashley, watch out for bikers; Alan, I know I always made fun of your hair, but to be honest I guess it’s because I always wished I could look like Brandi Brown’s twin brother too; and Jenna, I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll just say “right-click, eject.”

If I left anyone out, don’t be offended — except for Frank George and Jenna Medina. Also, good luck to Graig Graziosi as EIC next year and I have to say that I secretly think you’re the funniest guy I ever worked with. (But don’t make a scene about this the next time I see you, Snake.)

Oh yeah, Kevin threw a crate. That’s pretty much it.