This and that

There’s a lot going on in the campus community this week, and we don’t want to leave anyone out of our eloquent and poignant editorial.

So, here’s a rundown of opinions on a variety of subjects.

First up, Free the Files.

Freedom of information

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision in 2010 opened the doors for limitless dark money.

ProPublica and The News Outlet are working to shine as much light as they can into those hidden pockets.

Political action committees are spending millions of dollars to get their candidates elected, and in most instances, you don’t know who’s fronting the initial cash.

Some staff members of The Jambar spent time on Monday helping the endeavor. And you should, too. If you missed the party, you can still sign up on either or

Helping hands

Student groups on campus deserve recognition for their selfless fundraising efforts on behalf of the Rich Center for Autism.

While their total contributions may be meager, their actions are the epitome of what every YSU student should be.

With the holiday season approaching, we encourage those better off among us to lend a hand to someone struggling or in dire straits.

Even something as simple as dumping loose change into the Salvation Army’s red kettle can lead to something great.

We like sports

The football team’s season is in a perpetual downward spiral, and still they gobble up nearly all the attention.

The women’s soccer team is experiencing a record season, and several players stand out among the Horizon League’s best with their individual performances. In Beeghly Center, the volleyball team shows continuous signs of growth.

Instead of mulling over the football team’s playoff hopes, cheer on the Penguins in other sports.

These student-athletes work just as hard with equally long seasons, but unlike the football team, their victories go seemingly unnoticed.