The Jambar Editorial

We’re so excited to celebrate The Jambar’s 90th birthday with this special edition of the paper dedicated to our history. To be transparent, last year was tough. We were challenged at every winding turn of 2020. In the last year, we’ve all been part of the stressful world of politics, economic struggles and public health concerns. But this issue of the paper exponentially helped brighten our moods by allowing us to tap into the expansive history and evolution of a student newspaper. Recounting these stories of The Jambar allowed us to appreciate its long history while realizing we now have a place in that story too. We’ve enjoyed compiling this record of our predecessors’ time at The Jambar and their successes after. First published in 1931, things have certainly evolved for The Jambar in 90 years, but we have always been the dedicated voice of the students at Youngstown State University. Thank you for reading our story! 

Today, students will receive an email with a link to the first-ever publication of The Jambar from 1931. Take a look at the news coverage, basketball team coverage and even an exam schedule. A columnist and director of the early Jambar production, H.L. Nearpass, addressed the student body best in the first issue:

“Once again Youngstown College moves forward. Not content with the necessarily limited space allotted to the college in the Spotlight, a few interested students have launched this new paper for your approval. Its Success Will Depend upon you. If you cooperate by handing in news and other contributions it may be possible to issue the ‘JAMBAR’ in regular printed form in the near future. Success to the new venture.” 

Ninety years later, The Jambar is still running strong, and Youngstown State University continues to move forward. So, we would like to say “thank you” to the students, staff and readers that have kept us in print.