The Jambar Editorial: Winter Wonderland

The spring semester fills some students with dread. Every weathered northeastern Ohio college student knows to expect the chilling temperatures and snowfalls. 

Seasoned Youngstown State University students expect the sidewalks to be untouched by shovels and roads to be poorly plowed. Part of every students’ morning routine consists of leaving extra time to prepare for and work around the road conditions.

This year has been no different. 

During the past two weeks, there’ve been multiple snowfalls. Some sidewalks remain completely covered despite there being two weeks to clear them. It is not unknown that these sidewalks are heavily used by students, staff and the general Youngstown community.

Sidewalk clearing responsibilities fall on the City of Youngstown, private building owners and YSU Grounds. Even if there is a lack of employees, there should be a way to manage clearing sidewalks — especially those used as frequently as the university’s.

Sidewalks aren’t the only issue, either. Parking lots have also been poorly plowed. On some days, it has been difficult to see the lines in the open parking lots. The snow has also been piled up in a manner which shortens some parking spaces.

Despite these inconveniences, YSU students, including us at The Jambar, have been having fun in the snow.

We encourage you to embrace your inner child and take some time to enjoy this crazy amount of snow. Build a snowman, make a snow angel or have a snowball fight. Don’t let Youngstown’s poor road maintenance bring down the cheer of the winter wonderland.