The Jambar Editorial: Ukraine’s lonely battle

Ukraine has been tirelessly engaging in a conflict by itself against a country that has roughly three times its population. 

Day after day, we learn and study the past as the present unfolds. How we can do better not only as students, but as human beings is suddenly gripping the hearts of not just us at Youngstown State University, but the billions of people around the globe who tune in daily to see the trauma forced onto a peaceful country. 

The United States of America and many other countries that are a part of NATO — a coalition aimed for strategic defense and protection of innocent lives — have been doing their best to provide aid and comfort to those impacted by the tragedy of the conflict. 

At what point do we look at what is happening and the deaths that are adding up and say there’s more to what we can do than send blankets and rations? 

Ukraine, admittedly, is not a part of NATO, and cannot be granted the protections of countries that are; however, the point of NATO is to act as a political and military allegiance, collective defense, a transatlantic link and to provide strategic concepts. 

The fight of the Ukrainians is a fight for freedom — something we as Americans pride ourselves so highly for upholding. Should we wait for the conflict to end to hold Russia and President Vladimir Putin responsible for his war crimes? 

We, The Jambar staff, send our condolences to the families wrought with grief through a needless conflict.